Guelbenzu's story dates back to 1851, although it was in 2001 when it experienced a major boost with the inauguration of the new winery in Vierlas, on the border area between Navarra and Aragón.

The prevailing concept during the construction of the winery was respect for the environment, optimizing space and fostering optimal conditions for temperature controlled storage, having managed to obtain facilities that are perfectly integrated into the landscape and vineyards and, at the same time, are excellent for the making and aging of Guelbenzu wine.

Guelbenzu has 46 hectares of vineyard located right in the heart of the Queiles valley, on the Lombana estate. The proximity of Mount Moncayo causes the temperature fluctuations between day and night to be very high, which contributes positively to the formation of tannins and anthocyanins, essential for the production of round wines with body, character and aging ability.