One of the glories of Navarra is the highly rated winery of Camilo Castilla in the market town of Corella and their delicate sweet wines derived from Moscatel (Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains). Built in the 1850s in an Andalusian style, it is certainly an incongruous sight in northern Spain, and the wines are truly exceptional. Nowadays, the winery itself is part of the fabric of the town, surrounded and swallowed up by subsequent urban growth. Under both Montecristo and Goya labels they produce highly popular top-selling Spanish brands, so much so that asking for a ‘Goya’ in a bar means ‘give me a glass of Moscatel’.

Camilo Castilla’s 42 ha of vineyards are close to the Rioja/Navarra border, and it is not perhaps surprising that they have taken on an estate in Rioja Baja and have launched their own Rioja ‘Egomei’.

Goya Moscatel is a reliable and very good value starting point. Fermented in large, old oak botas and aged in seasoned American oak casks, fortified to 15%, this is a tawny coloured caramel toffee and figgy delight. Not just merely sweet either, there is a long, fresh finish to it as well.